KPCC Parent Management Committee

KPCC Management Committee consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, staffing liaison officers, social committee and general committee members. We have a total of about 10 members. It is run similar to an Apartment Strata System. 

Each committee member brings to KPCC their own knowledge, training and experience.

The management committee works closely with the KPCC directors, teachers and educators who are knowledgeable in early childhood education.

KPCC is governed by our Rules of Association.

Parent Participation

KPCC has a strong community atmosphere, and in order for this to occur we need KPCC families to be involved and contribute to our community. 

There are many ways in which families can support KPCC. For example - fixing broken toys, cleaning, sewing, administration, computer knowledge, excursions, parent management committee, etc

We do kindly ask that all families attend a working bee (cleaning / fixing jobs) each year and two parent meetings. This way you have involvement and a voice.

North Sydney Council

North Sydney Council and KPCC work in close partnreship to provide quality affordable education and care to young children and families in the local community. 

North Sydney Council is a vital stakeholder. KPCC has a strong open relationship within the North Sydney Council's Community Services Management Team. A "peppercorn" rent exists between North Sydney Council and KPCC. North Sydney Council generously attends to maintenance issues at KPCC. We liaise closely with North Sydney Council's Property Team. 

The union between North Sydney Council and KPCC is imperative to our sucess.

Who is Kelly? Kelly's Place History

Kelly's Place Children's Centre began when an interested group of North Sydney Council Members and community members formed an association to set up a long day care centre with the sponsorship of North Sydney Council. The Centre began operation on 18th June 1988, after much lobbying to secure the site.

A key North Sydney Council Officer was Kelly Keen. The groups passionate lobbying to North Sydney Council was successful as Kelly's Place stands today.

Within our 20th birthday celebrations Kelly Keen (our namesake) spoke about the initial vision for the centre stating "It is a social planner's dream that you put in place a facility that becomes a meeting point for the community... and that is so clearly what has happened here." This highlights our belief that Kelly's Place is more than just a building.